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Software to note vocal scales while singing?

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SING – and you SEE YOUR VOICE on the computer screen! The voice training software was developed by a team of singing teachers and computer experts at the University of Sydney in Australia, who designed it to help singing teachers give more precise feedback to their students, and for those students to get a better understanding of what their voices were doing as they sang.

Sing & See - See your voice - Hear the Results!

Find out about the REVOLUTIONARY singing software tool that can help you perfect your singing.
Are you interested in knowing EXACTLY what pitch you are singing? To SEE your voice on the computer screen? To KNOW whether you are singing perfectly on pitch?

Sing & See shows you your voice pitch as you sing – detailing exactly how you achieve each note.
If you answered “YES”, then read on to discover the revolutionary new singing software that enhances voice training which will help you improve your vocal skills and give you increased confidence in your growing abilities to sing on-tune.

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About the development of Sing and See : The Man behind the scene

William Thorpe is an engineer and scientist who spent several years working at the National Voice Centre and the School of Communication Sciences in the University of Sydney in Australia, doing research into how people sing – the physiology of their breathing, what it means to have good “breath support”, the acoustic patterns of vocal projection, and various other aspects of singing performance.

In doing this research I worked with many top singing teachers, including Janice Chapman, Jo Estill, Jean Callaghan, Pat Wilson, and others. This research was published in scientific and music education journals and conferences around the world (if you’re interested in finding out more about this research, please contact me to ask about it – there is a link to the contact form at the bottom of this page).

One of the research projects I led during this time at the University of Sydney was about finding out how visual feedback technology could be used to improve voice training. However, at that time there wasn’t any singing software available that really gave good feedback about the singing voice, so we ended up writing their own software that would analyse the singing voice and display feedback in musically relevant ways about the pitch and timbre so that the singing student and teacher would be able to benefit from the information on the display.

That vocal training software became Sing & See, and as I mentioned above, when the teachers in our research study kept asking if they could keep the software, I decided to make that happen. To cut a long story short, I set up Cantovation (canto is Latin for singing, and ovation means – well, hopefully you’ll be getting standing ovations soon!) with a mission of “helping people sing better and have more fun in their singing, by creating innovative technology that lets people improve and enjoy their voices”.

I’m glad to say that it’s very satisfying to be able to help others with their singing, and also to have improved my own singing skills in the process! I use the singing software both during my own practice sessions at home, and also occastionally with my singing teacher.

Sing & See Order page
Click here to go directly to the Sing & See Order page

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Singing Coach Unlimited
by Carry-A-Tune Technologies

Product Features
20-lesson singing tutorial with real-time pitch recognition technology
Automatically adjusts songs to specific vocal range; sheet music view
Edit songs or compose new songs with compose mode
Learn to sing with proper breathing and posture; measure performance
Imports MIDI’s; microphone headset included

This is what youre looking for – The Pitch Tracking Line:
Singing Coach’s Pitch Tracking Line displays what note you are singing and the note you are supposed to be singing on a musical graph. This representation helps train your ear to know the exact pitch you are trying to sing.

visit this link. Singing Coach Unlimited

What Previous SATISFIED customer says.
By C. W. Lawson “OracleMagician” (SF East Bay, California: United States)

The designers have done a very nice job. Excellent user interface–I don’t see any “bugs” at all! Extremely well designed and fun to use. No regrets. (No I don’t work for them!)

A few of the reviews have suggested this tool is more suited for beginners–but it’s not. Here’s why:

1) You can choose from a variety of easy/med/difficult songs; It might be pretty easy to sing “Hot cross buns” but not so the more challenging songs;

2) You can adjust the precision level to your ability, so that your pitch must be more precise to get the same “score.” In other words, you can make it as challenging as you want.

I especially enjoyed the feature that lets you see your vocal range. (It confirmed my bass range–So I shouldn’t keep trying the Barry Manilow songs.)

I heartily recommend this program. I am very glad I spent the money. Both fun and educational, all in one!
Singing Coach Unlimited

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