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My Favourite band is got to be The Wallflowers!

Ever since their 6 million hit album ‘Bringing Down The Horse’ which has evergreen single’s like One Headlight, and The Difference, I’m stuck with their music. The lineup back then was Jakob Dylan himself, Mario Calire (drum), Rami Jaffe (Key Boards), Greg Richling (Bass) and Michael Ward (Lead Guitar).

The Wallflowers discussion board was my favourite hang out place where i’ll meet great people and friends which some has remain until now which is about more than 10 years. I’ve met great names such as Jullienne, Penny, Sara O, Suzanne RG, Michelle, Nikki and many others on the board. (sorry if i missed mentioning all of you)

When you listen to The Wallflowers music, it is not complete until you learn how to play them by yourself. I usually go to to get the Wallflowers tablature, print and play it in my house. I notice that through these, among my friend, i’m the only one playing The Wallflowers song and have been ‘tag’ for that.

Since BDTH, The Wallflowers has release a few more Albums ;

The Wallflowers : 1994


Bringing Down The Horse: 1996

1.  One Headlight
2.  6th Avenue Heartache
3.  Bleeders
4.  Three Marlenas
5.  The Difference
6.  Invisible City
7.  Laughing Out Loud
8.  Josephine
9.  God Don’t Make Lonely Girls
10. Angel on My Bike
11. I Wish I Felt Nothing


(Breach): 2000

1.  Letters from the Wasteland
2.  Hand Me Down
3.  Sleepwalker
4.  I’ve Been Delivered
5.  Witness 
6.  Some Flowers Bloom Dead
7.  Mourning Train
8.  Up from Under
9.  Murder 101
10. Birdcage
— Baby Bird (hidden track)

‘Red Letter Days’ in 2002

1.  When You’re On Top
2.  How Good It Can Get
3.  Closer To You
4.  Everybody Out Of The Water
5.  Three Ways
6.  Too Late To Quit
7.  If You Never Got Sick
8.  Health And Happiness
9.  See You When I Get There
10. Feels Like Summer Again
11. Everything I Need
12. Here In Pleasantville
13. Empire In My Mind (Bonus Track)
14. (What’s so funny ’bout) Peace, Love & Understanding (Bonus Track, Japan)

Rebel, Sweetheart : 2005

1.  Days Of Wonder
2.  The Passenger
3.  The Beautiful Side Of Somewhere
4.  Here He Comes (Confessions Of A Drunken Marionette)
5.  We’re Already There
6.  God Says Nothing Back
7.  Back To California
8.  I Am A Building
9.  From The Bottom Of My Heart
10. Nearly Beloved
11. How Far You’ve Come
12. All Things New Again
13. Just One Breath Away (Bonus track, UK)
13. Nothing To See Here (Bonus track, Japan)


and since then the lineup has changed, now with the current member, Jakob, Greg and Fred.

I wonder if all of my friend is still there on the board?

~ min


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