Become a Better Guitar Player – 10 Tips That Skillful Guitarists Follow

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This week, i’m sharing a great article by Davion Wong on 10 tips that skillful Guitarist Follow. Enjoy it!

Everyone wants to become the next Guitar Hero. But before you reach that, it is always wise to become a better guitar player first! Here are 10 tips to help you.

1. Always trim your fingernails before you start playing. It affects the way the notes and chords sound when you strum.

2. Practice the skills and techniques you picked up after each lesson. Never hurry into the next. Master the first before you move on to the next lesson. This is applicable especially for beginners.

3. Tune the guitar each time before you play. It is embarrassing if you simply pick it up and start fingering away without noticing that your notes are out of tune. If manual tuning is too tedious, use an electronic tuner.

4. Pay attention to your notes. Do not underplay or overplay them, especially in overplaying. Discerning audience can recognize that and immediately notice the redundant “sounds”. This can also hamper your growth.

5. Develop your own style. While it is good to be inspired by your favorite musicians as a beginner, you cannot always remain as one. Every musician has his or her unique techniques of playing the guitar.

6. Kick bad habits. Ask a few experienced guitarists to observe your sitting posture as well as playing methods. You will be surprised at how many mistakes and bad habits you have picked up as a beginner. Do not let them get entrenched and affect your growth.

7. Change your strings when the guitar simply cannot stay in tune. If it is out of tune even with new strings, adjust the intonation.

8. Do not drink before you play. Alcohol will make you perform poorly. Do not be deceived by your favorite rock stars who always seem drunk or high on drugs when they play. The truth is, no one becomes a better guitar player by getting high on drugs or alcohol.

9. Plan what you are going to play. Learn the music theory behind the chords and understand how it fits into the song you are playing. Many people only memorize the fingerings and chords but fail miserably when asked to explain how they fit in. When you master these basics, you will not only be able to play any song well, you will even be able to write your own song.

10. Always remember that the song always precedes the play. So do not let your guitar lead the song. Allow the tune and lyrics of the song to blend well with your playing and synchronization will be perfect!

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