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Guitar Player

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can you share with us your first music influence that make you play guitar.

My first music influence is UB40, but i still did not really play my fathers guitar. then when in school, i met friends who follows Nirvana music. Since then i took up the guitar and started strumming about a gir from Nirvana – Kurt Cobain.

At that period of time, Grunge was taking over the scene.

and there is Metallica influence among the people. So that’s where it all started. Since then I’ve look for many different groups and tune, and finally found my head stuck with The Wallflowers and some basic fine guitar of Ct Steven then now Yusuf Islam.

the journey is a long and exciting one…tell us about yours..

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You are about to learn about Classical Guitar but with still no lights on where to start. I have a great list of article for you which i gathered from Classical Guitar

They have super article including;

1.Change Guitar Strings
2.Choosing your Repertoire
3.Essay Series – Dionisio Aguado Rondo in A minor
4.Essay Series – Elegie and Tarantelle – Johann Kaspar Mertz
5.Essay Series – Chaconne BWV 1004 – J.S. Bach
6.Guitar Cases
7.Guitar Humidifiers
8.How to practice scales
9.How to use a Metronome
10.Music Memorization
11.Nail Care
12.Practice Techniques – Buzzing
13.Practice Techniques – Memorization
14.Practice Techniques – Setting Goals
15.Practice Techniques Guitar – Slow Practice
16.Practice Techniques Guitar – Recording Yourself
18.Tune the Guitar

visit :

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My Favourite Band

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My Favourite band is got to be The Wallflowers!

Ever since their 6 million hit album ‘Bringing Down The Horse’ which has evergreen single’s like One Headlight, and The Difference, I’m stuck with their music. The lineup back then was Jakob Dylan himself, Mario Calire (drum), Rami Jaffe (Key Boards), Greg Richling (Bass) and Michael Ward (Lead Guitar).

The Wallflowers discussion board was my favourite hang out place where i’ll meet great people and friends which some has remain until now which is about more than 10 years. I’ve met great names such as Jullienne, Penny, Sara O, Suzanne RG, Michelle, Nikki and many others on the board. (sorry if i missed mentioning all of you)

When you listen to The Wallflowers music, it is not complete until you learn how to play them by yourself. I usually go to to get the Wallflowers tablature, print and play it in my house. I notice that through these, among my friend, i’m the only one playing The Wallflowers song and have been ‘tag’ for that.

Since BDTH, The Wallflowers has release a few more Albums ;

The Wallflowers : 1994


Bringing Down The Horse: 1996

1.  One Headlight
2.  6th Avenue Heartache
3.  Bleeders
4.  Three Marlenas
5.  The Difference
6.  Invisible City
7.  Laughing Out Loud
8.  Josephine
9.  God Don’t Make Lonely Girls
10. Angel on My Bike
11. I Wish I Felt Nothing


(Breach): 2000

1.  Letters from the Wasteland
2.  Hand Me Down
3.  Sleepwalker
4.  I’ve Been Delivered
5.  Witness 
6.  Some Flowers Bloom Dead
7.  Mourning Train
8.  Up from Under
9.  Murder 101
10. Birdcage
— Baby Bird (hidden track)

‘Red Letter Days’ in 2002

1.  When You’re On Top
2.  How Good It Can Get
3.  Closer To You
4.  Everybody Out Of The Water
5.  Three Ways
6.  Too Late To Quit
7.  If You Never Got Sick
8.  Health And Happiness
9.  See You When I Get There
10. Feels Like Summer Again
11. Everything I Need
12. Here In Pleasantville
13. Empire In My Mind (Bonus Track)
14. (What’s so funny ’bout) Peace, Love & Understanding (Bonus Track, Japan)

Rebel, Sweetheart : 2005

1.  Days Of Wonder
2.  The Passenger
3.  The Beautiful Side Of Somewhere
4.  Here He Comes (Confessions Of A Drunken Marionette)
5.  We’re Already There
6.  God Says Nothing Back
7.  Back To California
8.  I Am A Building
9.  From The Bottom Of My Heart
10. Nearly Beloved
11. How Far You’ve Come
12. All Things New Again
13. Just One Breath Away (Bonus track, UK)
13. Nothing To See Here (Bonus track, Japan)


and since then the lineup has changed, now with the current member, Jakob, Greg and Fred.

I wonder if all of my friend is still there on the board?

~ min

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Product By Chris Elmore the GuitarTips Guru!

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Chris Elmore is one of the best Guitar Guru out there with great guitar training material. He has top-notch programs to help beginners at all level to pursue their hobbies or dream of becoming a great Guitar Player.


Guitar Secrets Revealed

Learn to play the guitar in 30 days online. With image, text and sound, you’ll learn using all 3 mediums and really kick start your progress!

With a lifetime access as well as the option to to download the entire site to your desktop, you can take it with you on your laptop, jam with friends as well as learn at the speed you’re comfortable with!

After 12 months of solid work, we’ve developed a no-nonsense approach by cutting straight to the bone. With all the information you need in one place, you have the tools and techniques you truly need to develop your own style of playing!

Click here to check it out


Song Writing Secrets

Learn to create your own unique, powerful and catchy songs any time you like with the help of an industry expert!

These exclusive audio interviews are not available anywhere else and will give you an insiders view on the secrets to creating your own successful original songs so you can start recording your own music, sharing it with others or even making money in the music business right now.

You’ll learn these professional song writing secrets straight from the horses mouth from someone who’s already in the industry and has written music for famous movies, radio and television series.

Click here to check it out


Guitar Leads And Licks

Take your playing to the next level with our latest project, Guitar Leads & Licks!

Only recommended for the serious shredder!

We dive into the advance playing strategies of lead guitar and how you belt out those mind boggling leads you only see on television! You’ll get into the fundamentals of the Ionian, Dorian and Phrygian scales.

Learn how to cross your hands over while finger tapping your way down the guitar neck! Learn to use a combination of whammy bar bends, harmonics, finger tapping as well as finger picking your way around your guitar fretboard… while still playing in perfect tune!

Guitar Leads & Licks will take your lead guitar playing to a brand new level.

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Guitar Backing Tracks

Jam along with your own virtual band!

With catchy drum beats, cool bass riffs and hundreds of synth tracks (including piano, violin and more), it’s like having your own virtual band at your finger tips!

Improve your strumming by jamming along to different drum beats.

Compose your own original songs by exploring catchy bass riffs and synth tracks. Improve your lead guitar playing with your own backing tracks behind you… the choice is yours!

With Guitar-Backing-Tracks, it’s like having your own band to jam along with any time of the day or night!

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Guitar Theory & Concepts

“Guitar Theory” goes straight to the heart of music and explores the theory behind it all.

Featuring lessons containing beats, signatures, rests, sharps, tempo’s dynamics, consonants and a whole lot more…

… users will gain a thorough understanding of music theory and how it all comes together.

Loaded with information, lessons, video’s and sounds, Guitar Theory gives the user value for money and even advanced players will gain something from our latest site!

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Speed Learning Guitar System

Elmore Music’s “Speed Learning System” consists of all of it’s most popular sites – in the one box.

Designed to give the user the ultimate learning tool in one place, sers have the option to purchase our individual courses or choose our latest ‘Speed Learning System’ package deal.

The entire system is accessed online via user name and password and is available to the user within seconds after signing up.

Jam Packaged with guitar lessons, songs, advanced leads & scales, backing tracks, complex theory and more… users also receive additional bonuses that come with the individual sites.

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Strumming Sensations

“‘Strumming Sensations’ is a collection of different strumming styles for you to play along to.

It will improve your strumming and rhythm as well as provide you with a stack of new combination and riff ideas.

Contains a combination of rock, blues and funk arranged from beginner to advanced.


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Rock Methods

Discover how to play rock music on your guitar with our brand new Elmore Music Rock Methods Course.

Mainly concerned with heavy distortion, string squeals, harmonics, string slides, and more, you’ll learn all the secrets rock guitarists use and how to apply it to your playing.

We even show you how to do various combinations of techniques at the same time.

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Acoustic Methods

Learn how to play the acoustic guitar in an easy step by step format with audio, video and easy instructions to guide you.

Acoustic Guitar Methods shows you how to play the acoustic guitar, strumming techniques, notes, scales and a lot more.

With video and audio clips that play instantly, you’ll be jamming within minutes.


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Finger Picking Fundamantals

Learn the art of finger picking and how to position your fingers so they improve with speed and accuracy.

Finer Picking Fundamentals shows you the basics of finger picking so you can start to play those catchy songs you’ve always wanted

With audio, video and step by step instructions you’ll breeze through the course in no time before applying what you’ve learnt

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Speed Guitar Techniques

Learn to play guitar twice as fast as you currently do by doubling the speed at which your fingers move around the fretboard at.

Speed Guitar Techniques shows you the basics of hand and position movement – before showing you how to optimize your playing to become a much faster guitar player thant you currently are right now.

You’ll learn combinations of notes and placement techniques you’ve never thought were possible until now.

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Total Blues Guitar

Speed Guitar TechniquesBlues guitar is one of the most intriguing and interesting genres that is out there.

It has a rich history, interesting people and a way of expressing emotion unlike any other style of music.

Blues is often underestimated by aspiring guitarists.There are numerous patterns that have made blues guitar famous. You can branch off of these patterns into your own unique style by using our Total Blues Guitar course.

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Jazz Guitar Techniques

Speed Guitar TechniquesBy taking the time to learn about the concept of jazz guitar you will find your appreciation for it will grow.

At this point in your guitar playing jazz might sound like a jumbled up bunch of notes or perhaps you are a rocker who is a little bit curious about the world of jazz guitar.

No problems.. with Jazz Guitar Techniques you will learn the secrets to jazz guitar like the great Louis Armstrong or Miles Davis.

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Home Studio Package

If you’ve always wanted to create your own music CD from home without paying the expensive price tags of hiring a recording studio… then you’re going to love what we’ve got in store for you!

Our latest and greatest Elmore Music Home Studio Package will solve all your problems and more.

It allows you to record yourself playing your guitar, drums, voice or other instrument directly into your PC and then mix in an unlimited amount of tracks (add drums, bass, piano and others) … as well as add digital audio effects like echo, chorus, wah wah, flange, distortion etc

Once you’ve mixed your tracks & added amazing depth to your sound – the package simply converts it to the right format before you burn it directly to CD-ROM and then design your cover for maximum impact- ready for distribution!

It’s the first ALL-IN-ONE complete package available on the market that contains literally everything you need to Record – Mix – Burn – Package your music.

This means there’s no need to purchase other software or tools because our Home Studio Package contains THE LOT!

And I should know – because when I was producing my CDs, I eagerly purchased a number of different Home Studio software packages for my home computer. Unfortunately, I wasted more than $5,000 just to try them out and none of them totally did what I needed! Not anymore!

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Ultimate Drumming Solution


Learn To Play Drums From One Of Australia’s Top Drummers, For Less Than The Cost Of A Set Of Good Drumsticks!

The Ultimate Drumming Solutions is personally taught by Jack Bennett, who has been the drummer in the Australian national smash hit shows “Grease! The Mega Musical” and “Shout! The Musical of the Wild One”, drummer in the New York smash hit show “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and “Moonshadows” the Cat Stevens show.

As well, Jack is internationally endorsed by companies including Sabian, Rhythm Magazine, Vater Percussion & Sleishmann…

… he is an experienced drum teacher and his skill is awesome … and he takes you from the simplest beat and drum rudiments through to mind-boggling massive runs.

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Free Guitar Lesson Ebook for Playguitar101 members!

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Hi Guys, I have this free Guitar Lesson to give to Playguitar101 readers! you can download your copy from the link below.


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“How To Hold Chords Easier”

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If you’re struggling to hold down chords, try this…

Instead of placing your fingers in the middle of the fret, try pressing down just below or above the actual fret itself.

The frets are the thin metal bars that run across your guitar neck. There are usually 21 frets on most guitars but some have 26.

By pressing down just above or below the fret, this makes it easier to hold chords, takes less pressure to hold down and most of all, allows you to last longer when you play songs.

This is a neat trick to help you hold chords easier, last longer with your playing and help reduce the soreness on your fingers!

As a side note — if you’ve always wanted to learn to play the electric / acoustic guitar – you’ll like what I’m about to tell you…

We’ve just made an entire web site containing over 70 Jam Packed guitar lessons which teaches you to play the electric / acoustic guitar from beginner to advanced.

The entire thing exists online, so you can access the site online any time, any where, any location — no matter what age you are or which country you live in!

You’ll save a fortune on hourly guitar lessons and learn during the hours that suit YOU best!

With video, image, text, sound, songs, tabs, and more, you’ll learn to play the guitar quickly, easily and most important — in the privacy of your own home!

Immediately after signing up, you receive your log in details which you’ll need to access the site online

Save a fortune on hourly guitar lessons and learn in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you best!

Log into the online site anytime, any where, any location — no matter what your age is or which country you live in!

To find out more, go to:

…Or copy and paste the above link into your Internet Explorer address bar.

Please note: due to the large amount of media content, we can only support 100 members. The response has already been overwhelming so get in quick before memberships run out.

Thank you for being with us once again and I look forward to showing you what we’ve got in store in the next coming weeks!

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Jazz Blues Chord Progression = Fun!

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If you have experience playing the traditional 12 bar blues format you’ll make a nice transition to the jazz blues. It’s a bit spicier and can get out of hand quickly with substitutions and chord extensions. That means – a lot of fun!

In this lesson, we’re gonna take a look at stepping out of the traditional blues just a bit by using dominant 9th’s and 13th’s. These are simply extensions of the dominant 7 chords and add a richer color to the sound, which will enhance your jazz playing. All these dominant chords function in the same manner, 9th’s are richer and 13th’s are even more rich in color.

The spelling of a G9 is written below:

G ..B ..D ..F ..A
..3 ..5 ..79

Notice that the dominant 7 chord is still present. By adding the 9th, you create a dominant 9 chord. The 9th is the same as a 2nd an octave higher. Therefore, the 9th is always a whole step above the root an octave higher.

The spelling of a G13 is written below:

G .B .D .F .A .E
.3 .5 .7 .9 .13

Here, you start with the dominant 9 chord and add the 13th. Notice that you skip over the 11th here.

The 13th is the same as a 6th above the root an octave higher. This is the formula for any dominant 9th or 13th chord. .

Below are a few favorite voicings of dominant 9th and 13th’s to help you with the jazz blues progression in this lesson. Have fun!!

12 Bar Jazz Blues

G7 …..C9 ….G7 ………G13 .Db9 ..C9 ..G7……….
E |——–3————-7—-5—-4—–3———10—|
B |-3——3——-3—–6—-5—-4—–3—-3—–8—|
G |-4——3——-4—–7—-4—-4—–3—-4—-10—|
D |-3——2——-3—–5—-3—-3—–2—-3—–9—|
A |——–3———————–4—–3————–|
E |-3————–3————————–3———|

….D7 ..D13 ..C7 C13 ..G7 …….D9….
E |-8—-7—–6—–5—–3———5—|
B |-7—-5—–5—–3—–3—-3—-5—|
G |-7—-5—–5—–3—–4—-4—-5—|
D |-7—-4—–5—–2—–3—-3—-4—|
A |———————————-5—|
E |—————————–3——–|

This lesson was taken from Jazz Guitar Techniques.

By taking the time to learn about the concept of jazz guitar you will find your appreciation for it will grow.

At this point in your guitar playing jazz might sound like a jumbled up bunch of notes or perhaps you are a rocker who is a little bit curious about the world of jazz guitar.

No problems.. with Jazz Guitar Techniques you will learn the secrets to jazz guitar like the great Louis Armstrong or Miles Davis.


From the Guitar Guru,

Chris Elmore


If you like to read more on Jazz Guitar Techniques visit this recommended link.

Hi There,


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First Quality

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I receive an email form, they have a lot of great offer ranging from guitar products (Martin Acoustics and few others) to digital recorders and guitar straps.

Here’s how the offer goes..

Holy C.O.W.!!! (Clearance On Wednesday)

As we continue to offer you our everyday low prices on everything we sell, we can’t help but one-up ourselves by providing you with our new Holy C.O.W. (Clearance On Wednesday” Sale! Each Wednesday we’ll be offering a new or existing item at an udderly ridiculous price! There’s only one problem….we don’t know what to name our cow, and we need your help! We’re having a Name Our Cow contest, and the winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate!

To enter our contest, all you have to do is send an email to with your suggestion for a name. A list of rules and contest details can be found via our webiste by clicking here.

Check out the First Offer at Wednesday, April 8th at 10am EST.

Introducing the Martin 1-Series Guitars


Martin’s new 1-Series consists of four premium quality guitars constructed of solid tonewoods and designed for real player value. Never has so much Martin craftsmanship, innovation and pure, clear tone been offered at such an affordable price.

1-Series instruments are delivered in a hardshell case, equipped with genuine Martin strings and covered by the Martin Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Martin has not determined when the first orders will be shipping at this time, but you can be the first in line to receive these beautiful and affordable guitars when they become available! You can find them on our site here. We are accepting pre-orders with no deposit, and you will not be billed until your order is ready to ship. Also, feel free to check out Martin’s 1-Series website.

New Products

Zoom H4n Handy Digital Recorder w/ LCD Screen
Item #ZM-H4N
FQM Price: $349.00
MSRP: $609.99

Levy’s 2 1/2″ Christian Themed Guitar Straps
FQM Price: $47.95
MSRP: $64.95

The Essential Clarence White Bluegrass Book/CD
Item #RW-ECW
FQM Price: $34.95

You can view this item at :

*NOTE: Due to some items being so new, we may not have stock on them yet. You may see an “Out of Stock” notification, but we assure you that we will have them as soon as possible so feel free to be the first to get one!

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The Jamorama Free Guitar Coach : Lesson One

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We will start by getting you set up on your guitar. If you’ve already covered holding your guitar, sitting and standing positions and holding a pick then feel free to more on to part 2 of this lesson.

Part One – Getting into Position

Sitting Positions

There are two sitting positions for holding the guitar; classical and casual.

1. Pick up the guitar and make sure that the guitar body is supported by your leg.
2. Position yourself at the edge of your chair.
3. Ensure that your back is relaxed but straight.
4. Lean the guitar back towards you slightly.

Standing Position

1. Pick up the guitar and place the strap over your shoulder. Adjust the strap so that the guitar is positioned mid-body.
2. Use your left hand to support the neck of the guitar.
3. Rest your right hand over the bridge of the guitar.


Hand Positions

It is important that you relax your wrists and hands. Straining them can cause injury.



When you play the guitar, you use your left hand fingers to press down the strings on the fret board of the guitar and use your right hand to pluck or strum the stings at the bridge end of the guitar. Using your left hand to press the strings on the fret board is called fretting. Here are some tips you will need to know:

1. Short fingernails are essential.
2. Use only the tips of your fingers to press the strings.
3. When making a chord, be sure that each fingertip is placed directly behind the fret.
We will cover chords in lesson one.
4. Check each string that it rings clearly and is not muted or buzzing.

As a beginner guitarist, it may hurt your fingers to play. This is normal. Every guitarist starts this way for the first couple of weeks. With practice, you will develop guitar fingers (hard skin on your fingertips).

Holding the Pick

Position the pick between thumb and index fingers like in the diagram below:



Time to take a break

Well done, you’ve just completed the first part of this newsletter.

Take a few minutes to reinforce what you’ve just learnt.

Coming Up

– Learn about chords
– Start using the A and D Major chords

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6 Part Beginners Guitar Course – Part One

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A FREE Guitar Course brought to You by Jamorama – The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit

In this course you will learn powerful tips and skills to get you playing the guitar with the fluency and accuracy of a professional, and by the end of it you will be able to play a full song by yourself.

Ben Edwards – Creator of Jamorama

In my FREE course you will learn:

Part One–Introduction to the Guitar and How to Play Chords

  • Getting into Position. Information that every beginner should know before they start out!
  • Introduction to Chords. The basis of all music – Learn A and D and see why learning them with Jamorama is easy.
  • Strumming. One of the most important things you must know if you want to progress with your playing.

Part Two–Reading Guitar Tablature

  • The Fret Tablature relationship. A little tool that will break down the music reading barrier and super accelerate your learning!
  • How Tablature works. Get inside information on this brilliant time saving concept.
  • The repeat sign.

Part Three–The Art of Chord Movement

  • Learn the G chord. Add to your database of chords.
  • Eigth Note Strumming. And to think, two days ago you could hardly strum a thing.
  • Chord Changing. Now you are really cooking with fire and it’s sounding hot!
  • Warm up exercises. One of the most important things you will ever learn about playing the guitar!

Part Four–Developing your Strumming Hand

  • Missing the beat. This trick will blow you away!
  • Building speed. Faster isn’t always better, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun.
  • Mixing chords and varying strums. It’s really coming together now!

Part Five–Playing ‘The Midnight Special’.

  • A quick warm up.
  • Song sections 1, 2 and 3. Let’s break it down Jamorama style!
  • Put it together and play along with our vocalist.

Part Six–Play along with the Full Jamorama Band!

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